WCAX Newsman Workshops with Students on Conducting Interviews

PRESS PHOTO DARREN PERRONElectronic Media Writing students at Champlain College met with WCAX anchor, Darren Perron, to hone in their interviewing skills.

Effective interviewing involves extensive research and preparation. Students were required to explore Perron’s life/career and develop complex questions that probed beyond the biographical information they gathered online.


Eric Schlossman, Sophomore, addresses Perron

Students rose to the occasion. They asked Perron about his Vermont roots, ground breaking reports on the heroin epidemic in Vermont and transgender community, as well as his time in Afghanistan when he was embedded with the Vermont National Guard.

Students are now working with the material they gathered to produce a script for a mini-documentary or a mini-feature.

Information courtesy of Christine Hinkel Ianni.