visual communication design capstone team

Visual Communication Design Capstone Exhibition 2021

In their fourth year, Visual Communication Design students create their senior Capstone project—a culmination of their education that’s focused on integrative thinking and design problem-solving. Students move from making simple connections within visual communication design to considering more complex ideas derived from diverse sets of data and research that include social, ethical, and cultural contexts. Additionally, students learn to apply ways of thinking from disciplines outside of visual communication design to their project—becoming holistic and interdisciplinary problem solvers and design thinkers. 

Capstone students produce two closely integrated deliverables: a process book of written text that upholds the standards of good design writing and inquiry, and a body of design work that can take on nearly any form.

This year’s exhibition, titled inter_, went virtual with a website that premiered on March 31, 2021. 

VCD seniors are proud to invite family, friends, industry professionals, and the Champlain College community to view their exhibition that showcases both their versatility and talent at The promotional work and website for this year’s event were designed by the following VCD seniors:

Aidan Connolly – Creative Director, Photographer –
Anna Kelley – Asset Manager, Media Designer  –
Gabe Fajobi – Web Lead, Designer –