Visual Communication Design 2019 Capstone

Visual Communication Design seniors in the Division of Communication and Creative Media presented their capstone projects to a packed house in the Champlain College Art Gallery on Dec. 9. The semester-long process involved 31 students asking a question and doing research, before presenting their findings in a visual format.

Emily Gatz created “space for you,” a contribution to the body positivity movement that explores the journey toward self-acceptance.

Meghan Clarke’s project, “Bee Local,” encourages supporting the local wild bee population in order to prevent their disappearance.

Brian Anderson created, “Infinite Scroll,” a teacher kit that helps teachers develop criteria to educate students on healthy ways to use social media. Of course, social media can have detrimental effects on mental health, Anderson said, but “social media is still an innovative tool. It’s something that can simultaneously have you connect with someone in Japan, start a business, and then record a video.”

Students created process books for their projects, which were on display in the gallery. The process books contain information about students’ intentions, branding, research, etc. They also help students get an overview of their projects while allowing viewers to see the progression of their projects.

The capstone projects will remain on display until December 28.

Note: The program name change from Graphic Design & Digital Media to Visual Communication Design will be effective as of Fall 2020.

Erika Skorstad ’21—Contributor