Vermont PBS Airs Student Work

Work from Champlain College students from the Broadcast and Filmmaking programs were showcased by Vermont PBS on March 22 for the Made Here segment. The work ranged from short film narratives, artist profiles, local community events and two short documentaries on urban skiing and the environmental impact of salt on the roads in the winter.
Dr. Van Dora Williams said: “This was an engaging and informative program that demonstrates the range of storytelling coming out of the Filmmaking and Broadcast Media Production Programs in the Division of Communication and Creative Media.”
 Check out this link for a promotional video.
Below is some brief information on the student work that was featured.
Student Name Program Project Name Run Time
Severn Sanders Film Against Time 3:18
Jonathan Vogt Film A Dictionary Definition 3:53
Eliza Connolly Film/Broadcast Artist Profile: Brant Newton 3:12
Zebadiah Cousins-Joyce Film Words by Recks 2:22
Blake Donovan, Eliza Connolly, Chris Acosta Film Inside 2:16
Christian Franchino Broadcast Making the Guts 13:04
Julia Leonard Broadcast Challah Braiding 1:22
Maggie Stevens Broadcast Rail Jam 1:27
Charles Dalgliesh Broadcast Sacred Harp Convention 1:31
John Gibbons III Film Salt 19:23