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At the Box Office: Julia Swift Reviews ‘The Independents’

Critic and Champlain Professor Julia Swift recently reviewed the aptly named independent film “The Independents” for her myChamplainValley “At the Box Office” segment.

The film follows three singer-songwriters who are thinking about giving up on their dreams—before they all meet. They inspire and encourage each other to keep pursuing their passion, even when it’s tough. “The Independents” is inspired by the experiences of the band The Sweet Remains, whose three members star in the film. Band member Greg Naughton also wrote, directed, and produced the comedy-drama.

Swift says when she watched “The Independents,” something about the band felt familiar. She then realized one of the band members, Rich Price, is from Burlington. The band has played at popular local venues such as Higher Ground and The Flynn. Although Swift hasn’t seen them in concert, she now considers herself a huge fan and plans to see them in the future.

“The directing was really simple and the script was simple, but it was simple in a charming way,” says Swift. “Because it’s a true story and the three band members play themselves, I was just totally hooked. It’s not about the filmmaking style; it’s about the music. Those songs knit together the whole film. I absolutely recommend watching this and giving yourself a little injection of positive energy. I know I’m sounding like a Burlington, Vermont hippie, but you feel like one when you listen to this music from The Sweet Remains.”

The film is available on streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Google Play, and Vudu.

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Erika Skorstad ’21—Contributor