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Immersive Retro Gaming Experience at Champlain Gallery

Until February 27, the Champlain College Art Gallery will display A Link to the Past: Decades of Digital Gaming. The immersive exhibit includes gaming consoles (some of which are playable) and other artifacts, spanning several decades and platforms. Continue reading

The Power of Play: Spacebox part of Chicago Design Museum Exhibit

The Power of Play How did a cardboard box make its way into a museum? By playing with the ordinary until it became extraordinary. Champlain College’s Emergent Media Center Sandbox Team brought its project, SpaceBox, to the Chicago Design Museum’s Hey! Play! exhibit this fall, where it will stay until February 2018, running parallel to its showcasing in the Innovation Playground exhibit at ECHO, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain.

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Jeremy Lee MacKenzie: Stories in Scrollwork Exhibition

Stories in Scrollwork features Creative Media major Jeremy MacKenzie’s laboriously rendered wood scrollworks, designed clandestinely while in prison. MacKenzie’s films and visual art explore the themes of youth, rebirth, and contemporary mythology. His screenplay, Flicker, won the Gold Prize at the 2015 Los Angeles PAGE International Screenwriting Awards. MacKenzie was also the 2015 recipient of the Champlain College/Stowe […]

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Paolo Pedercini: Radical Games Exhibition

From gun control to religious hypocrisy, Italian-born artist-activist Paolo Pedercini creates art video games that confront some of the most difficult and controversial issues of our times. This exhibition includes five games produced by Pedercini under his project name, Molleindustria, and features the debut of Nova Alea, a new sim-city inspired commentary on urban planning. […]

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Matt LaRocca: Arctic Voices Exhibition

Champlain faculty Matt LaRocca recorded his expeditionary residency to the high arctic with Arctic Voices, an immersive multi-media exhibition featuring an orchestral symphony LaRocca composed in response to the “otherworldly environment.” Accompanying the symphony is LaRocca’s photographic journal of his exploration of the remote archipelago Svalbard aboard the sailing ship Antigua. Arctic Voices, performed by […]

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MFA Symposium: Heresis & Affordances

This fall, the MFA in Emergent Media candidates have been exploring emerging communication practices and processes, their associated technology platforms, and their potential for engagement and meaningful social change. Special attention has been given to the origins and evolution of media paradigms and their role as artists and designers creating within brand new paradigms. This […]

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Projecting West: Alumni Exhibition

Champlain College Alumni Michael Ackerman and Craig Winslow present Projecting West, a unique fifteen-day cross-country art exhibition. Ackerman and Winslow created site-specific light installations at various locations throughout their fifteen-day journey, combining Ackerman’s animations with Winslow’s programming skills and using projection mapping techniques. This multi-media installation “documents their journey and creates a breathtaking visual narrative.” The exhibition […]

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Creative Media Professor Creates Abstract Photography

Creative Media Professor and photo-based artist Mary Zompetti will be in an upcoming exhibition featuring images created during her recent artist residency in the remote northern Icelandic city, Akureyri. Zompetti creates abstract photography using a variety of optical tools from digital cameras and scanners to a calcite crystal. The crystal, known as the Icelandic Spar, […]

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Art Exhibit: Beautiful Complexity

Beautiful Complexity: Data Visualization 01 is an art exhibit featuring the PixelCloud sculpture created by the MakerLab Sandbox Team, lead by FMA Faculty Ken Howell and MFA Fellow Terrence Sehr. The exhibition is the first in a series focused on “the intersection of data analysis, art and design,” featuring works by Jonathon Harris, Fernanda Viégas, Martin Wattenberg and […]

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Public Relations Alumnus Works as Humanitarian Journalist

“What makes a story powerful is the capacity of the storyteller to relate to people in the story. This is what I thrive and aim for,” says Jean Luc Dushime. A survivor of the Rwandan genocide, Dushime photographs and captures powerful moments in peoples’ lives. His work as a photographer and humanitarian displays a “new […]

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