Swift at the Box Office: “Transit”

Official Rotten Tomatoes Critic and Assistant Professor of Filmmaking Julia Swift is back with another movie review from mychamplainvalley.com. This time, she is reviewing the 2018 film “Transit” by Christian Petzold.

The film is based off of a German novel from 1942 about a man named Georg, who assumes the identity of a dead writer in an attempt to flee Nazi-occupied France. He then falls in love with a woman in France who is looking for her missing husband. But the interesting thing about the movie, explains Swift, is that it’s actually set in the present.

It details the world’s struggles with fascism, immigration, and the sense of losing home in a kind of “timeless space,” stated Swift. To see her complete review, check out “At the Box Office” and check out her reviews of “Butterflies” and “The Favourite.”

Jessica Schultz ’19—Contributor