Official Rotten Tomatoes Critic and Assistant Professor of Filmmaking Julia Swift is back with another mychamplainvalley.com movie review. This time she reviewed the 2019 film “Abominable” by Jill Culton. 

The animated film, set in Shang Hai, is about a tough, feisty young girl and her two friends who find a yeti and set out to reunite the creature with his family, while evading a wealthy man and a zoologist. Swift referred to the film as an awe-inspiring, gorgeous movie that’s not just for little kids.

The film is touching and emotional, and the action isn’t about conflict and fighting, but is about emotion. Many animated films depict a girl falling in love with a boy, “Abominable” is about a girl learning to love herself. While the yeti is a magical creature, the journey the characters go on is relatable. As Swift said, “the best films are something that start with a spark of something personal and true.”

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Erika Skorstad ’21—Contributor