Students Rally Through Rain to Cover Art Hop


On Sept. 8, a group of 25 Broadcast Media Production students from Champlain College set up four cameras for a live broadcast of the annual South End Art Hop, interviewing organizers, artists, and spectators as well as getting hands-on experience in set-up, camera operation, directing, producing, reporting, and break-down.
The group set up on Pine Street in front of the South End Arts & Business Association, the organization that presents the Art Hop. Students used the Tricaster, a mobile television production unit, and a wireless unit they used to interview people participating in and enjoying the Art Hop, which is a very popular event for people in Burlington to explore art, music, fashion, and sculptures.
Keith Oppenheim, associate professor of Broadcast Media Production at Champlain College teaches courses in Video Storytelling, News Writing and Production and Video Field Production. He is very involved with students and their projects, especially Art Hop. Oppenheim was present during the entire event, helping students set up their cameras and assisting when needed.
Oppenheim said the biggest challenge was rain. Students echoed this, sharing stories of standing in the rain with an umbrella, trying to keep the cameras dry.They were able to stay live for close to two and a half hours before the downpour hit and they were forced to close up for the evening. However, despite the rain, the students were able to gain valuable experience and create excellent footage of this event.
Cailey McCalister ’18 & Kaela Kowalsky -‘19