Students create a new kind of virtual reality

Back,Left to Right: Yvonne Lee, Dana Steinhoff, Sean Kennedy, Tyler Bolster, Terry Sehr Front, Left to Right: Duncan Carroll, Steven Margolin

Exploring virtual worlds through the eyes and nose is becoming a reality. For the past six months, a team of students from the Emergent Media Center have been working on creating a multi-sense virtual reality experience with an emphasis on scents. The experience is called “Eden” and is set in an upscale cocktail bar. There is no human life to be found, only objects that were left behind. The player must figure out what happened by searching around and interacting with the objects. During the experience, users encounter different scents associated with their virtual environment. “The focus was just on immersion and making something and all of the interactions with the VR space as realistic as possible,” said Duncan Carroll, Lead Programmer. The team partnered with local business Alice & the Magician. “Eden” was presented in August during Bookstock in Woodstock, VT,  and in September at the 25th Annual South End Art Hop in Burlington, VT.

Alayna Masker – ‘19