Posters for Wishlist and Cake

Student Films ‘Wishlist’ and ‘Cake’ Take Home Festival Win and Nominations

On last year’s Jeddah trip, Champlain students teamed up with local Saudi filmmakers to create two films: “Wishlist” and “Cake”. The film “Wishlist” recently won in the Student Film category in the Golden Valley Global Cinefest, based in India. The film “Cake” is an official selection for the South Film and Arts Academy Festival, based in Chile. Both films have been nominated for the Alibag Short Film Festival in India.

“Wishlist” was screened in India on Dec. 12 for live and virtual viewers as part of the Golden Valley Global Cinefest. Producer Blake Donovan, a Filmmaking major, says they were asked to send a short video introducing the film, “so in a way we were able to speak directly to their live audience watching the films and tell them about our experience, which was very cool!”

“We are all very excited and grateful to have been honored with this award,” says Donovan. “While not every Champlain student that went on the trip was on set for ‘Wishlist’ because they were working on ‘Cake’, they all were invested in both projects and contributed in different ways…Stephen ‘Clay’ Neuger, for one, was the producer for ‘Cake’, but he and I worked closely and coordinated with each other to make sure both films could happen simultaneously. He certainly deserves credit for his contribution. The same goes for our Saudi counter-parts.”

One of the writers for “Cake” is Professional Writing major Maddie Foret, who spoke about the nominations: “One year ago I took one of my biggest risks. I took a travel internship to Saudi Arabia, and it was one of the most wonderful experiences. Congrats to all who had a part in making ‘Cake’!”

“Wishlist” crew:

  • Producers: Reem Almodian, Blake Donovan (Filmmaking), Annie Wahab
  • Co-producer: Aziz Allaf
  • Writers: Hansel Alexander Carter IV (Filmmaking), Owen Curtin (Filmmaking), Rulan Hasan, Ghaida Rafeeq
  • Directors: Christian D. Acosta (Filmmaking), Rulan Hasan
  • Director of Photography: Zane Swift (Filmmaking)
  • Production Assistant/Editor: Kyle Wronski-Herbst (Creative Media)

“Cake” crew:

  • Producers: Stephen (Clay) Neuger (Filmmaking), Annie Wahab, Reem Almodian
  • Director of Photography/Editor: Kate Heppner (Broadcast Media Production)
  • Key Grip/Editor: Owen Curtin (Filmmaking)
  • Writers: Maddie Foret (Professional Writing), Afnan Bawyan, Noor Attar
  • Director: Kholoud Halabi

Erika Skorstad ’21—Contributor