SpaceBox Project Selected for Game Developers Conference

The EMERGENT MEDIA CENTER’S Sandbox team has been selected to showcase their SPACEBOX project at the 2017 GAME DEVELOPERS CONFERENCE (GDC) ALT.CTRL.GDC 2017


p1060412-arthop-1024x576SpaceBox was designed and constructed by the Emergent Media Center SandBox team comprised of Champlain students mentored by CCM faculty Ken Howell and MFA alumni Terry Sehr. Using an ordinary cardboard box, the team blended reality and imagination. Sitting in the box, players controls their character, going on an outer space adventure that mimics child-like play. By simply shifting their body, players direct the ship, guiding it through a gauntlet of asteroids towards their goal. To combat enemy fleets in this environment, they activate a force-field and blaster with the box flaps.

p1060407-arthop-1400x788This simple, full-body experience captures the essence of imaginative play!  SpaceBox brings childhood wonder to life, a magical time when through make believe we could take ourselves on any adventure imagined.
Developed using Unity and Arduino.

Watch the SpaceBox video


SpaceBox Team
James Keats – Advanced Programmer

Amanda Ledwidge – 3D Modeler
Jake Pierce – Lead Interactive Designer
Robin Shafto – Hardware Developer/Programmer
Ricky Rizzo – Creative Media Artist
Dennis Dysart – Interactive Designer
Steven Margolin and Devin Carlin– Designers
Adam Walker – Sr. Project Manager, EMC

Jen Adrian – Creative & Communication Manager, EMC

GDC is the world’s largest professional game industry event with over 27,000 attendees. alt.ctrl.GDC is one of GDC’s most acclaimed interactive spaces, an on-site showcase of alternative control schemes and interactions in games that is returning for its fourth year to the conference.