Meet Dr. Sheila Liming: New Pro Writing Professor

Dr. Sheila Liming, who previously taught at the University of North Dakota, has joined Champlain this fall in the Division of Communication and Creative Media as an associate professor. She teaches creative writing, nonfiction, and publishing classes in the Professional Writing program.

Liming’s background is primarily in academic writing and publishing, but she’s also written creative nonfiction and journalism. Her first book, “What a Library Means to a Woman,” came out in May. It examines early 20th-century writer Edith Wharton’s physical collection of books. Liming also created what she calls the sibling venture of the book, where visitors to the website can search to see what books are in Wharton’s physical collection.

Like other professors, Liming has had to adapt her classes for remote instruction. She said this involved a lot of planning and coordinating prior to the start of the semester. One hurdle she’s witnessed is the inevitable lag that occurs during Zoom calls, making natural conversation somewhat challenging.

Liming says another challenge of remote learning is the extra effort among students in motivating each other. In a classroom, “people compete with each other, they share their work, they collaborate, and spur each other on. From a motivation standpoint, people feel like they’re responsible for getting themselves motivated about everything. I hope we’re back in the classroom someday so we can all motivate each other again.”

Erika Skorstad ’21—Contributor