Professional Writing Major Discusses Exhibit on VPR Art Hounds


Amanda Schroth, Professional Writing

Amanda Schroth, Professional Writing major and photographer, discussed her senior capstone project, Postcards Never Sent, on VPR Art Hounds earlier this week.

Schroth’s capstone started as an assignment for her photography class. She had a falling-out with one of her close friends, found a postcard reflecting what she wanted to say, and combined it with written word for her final project. She took the postcard and turned the idea into something everyone could participate in.

“What I wanted to display was how everyone’s words are all the same in the sense that we all want to say them, but we just don’t have the courage to,” said Schroth.

Postcards Never Sent combines secrets─both lighthearted and serious─from anonymous submitters with black-and-white photos (taken by Schroth) of the Burlington area.10669337_357956337699782_3296785037430726045_o (4)

“[The photographs] further enhance the emotion or the message that’s being portrayed,” said Schroth. “What I wanted to capture was Burlington and… Sort of the secrets and the well-known spots. So, I have places like Church Street that everyone recognizes, but I also have a picture of a bike that’s not there anymore.”

Postcards is Schroth’s first gallery exhibition but is unlikely to be her last. After Champlain, Schroth is headed home and intends to continue Postcards wherever she goes.

“It is one of those projects that I want it to be about the community that I’m a part of. I [want to] connect the community in as many ways as I can,” said Schroth.

For those interested in hearing the full interview, you can find it here. Postcards Never Sent opens Saturday, April 4 at 6:30 p.m. at Maglianero Cafe in the Karma Bird House at 47 Maple Street in Burlington and is free and open to the public.