Postcards Never Sent: A Senior Capstone


Professional Writing Major, Amanda Schroth, will present her Senior Capstone project, Postcards Never Sent, on Saturday, April 4 at 6:30 pm at Maglianero Cafe.

Postcards Never Sent  features the “secrets” of anonymous submitters paired with Schroth’s original photographs. The project aims to provide participants with the opportunity to say what they always wanted to say but never had the chance or courage to say. The images that will be displayed at the gallery opening focus on the city of Burlington, depicting well-known areas like Church Street as well other spots that are usually hidden from the public eye.

“I began the project in April of last year, when I had a falling out with one of my best friends. I had a lot of things I wanted to say to him, but I felt I couldn’t say them out loud, and therefore I needed an outlet for those words,” Schroth says. “I presented the original postcards in my photography class, and I received a lot of positive feedback that encouraged me to expand the project to include secrets from others.”

Schroth then expanded the idea into her Senior Professional Writing Capstone project. Professional Writing Program Director, Tim Brookes, calls Postcards Never Sent “far more than just an outstanding Capstone project.” In offering her authors the opportunity to say in public what they once hesitated to express, she illuminates the utterly human boundary between things said and things unsaid, and the reasons why we stay silent when to speak up may be the most important thing we could do,” Brookes says. “It’s also a project about writing itself. One of the most valuable roles of the writer is to give a voice to the silent, and Amanda’s work offers courage not only to those who don’t write, but also to those who do.”


I hope this project provides people with an opportunity to say the things that are burdening them. We don’t always have the chance to say what’s on our mind, and Postcards is a safe chance to do this anonymously. As for people who view the work, it’s their chance to see how they are not alone in the things they carry. I have experienced several submissions where the words belong to someone else, but I could have written them as well. It’s an opportunity for the Champlain and Burlington communities to secretly connect with one another. 

The Postcards Never Sent  exhibit is sponsored by Champlain Books, an imprint of Barnes | MacQueen Publishing Resources.” Champlain Books also serves as publisher of the Postcards Never Sent catalog, which will be available for sale at the gallery and online.

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Maglianero Cafe is located in the Karma Bird House at 47 Maple Street in Burlington.