“The Plastic Vagabond” Screening and Discussion

vagabondNoé Sardet, adjunct faculty at Champlain’s Montreal campus, will screen The Plastic Vagabond, a short film he produced through funding from the Conservation Media Group and shot aboard the Tara Expeditions.

The Plastic Vagabond takes viewers deep into the planktonic food web, acts as a vehicle for transporting invasive species, and winds its way into our own seafood supply. The film gives plastic pollution a face through the use of an engaging plastic toy–the plastic vagabond–who serves as a narrator and takes the viewer on a journey from land to sea and back again, highlighting the longevity of plastic.

The Plastic Vagabond is part of a media campaign designed to mobilize community efforts to reduce plastic ocean pollution and our overall plastic footprint. The project includes a TED-Ed lesson that allows the tracking of the educational impact of the campaign as it is deployed in schools around the world. The campaign includes a call-to-action through an international Facebook group that promotes both the film and the sharing of creative art projects using plastic pollution collected from beaches, as well as a feedback form to assess impact and audience engagement.

The beach trash collection and art creating event is part of a contest that started March 10 and will run until October 15, 2016 with a $500 prize given to the group who designs the best art project from ocean plastics.

The screening and discussion will be on Wednesday, March 30 at 5:30 p.m. in Champlain’s Alumni Auditorium.