PBS Made Here Showcase features Champlain Films

On April 30 at 8 p.m., Vermont PBS’s Made Here Showcase will air five films made by Champlain students. The students are majors in the Division of Communication and Creative Media and in the Division of Education and Human Studies.

According to the Vermont PBS website, the “annual showcase offers a look at contemporary subjects and a peek inside the mind of students in Vermont, as well as their learning process.”

Here is a list of the films:

  • Roots of the Chains – Filmmaking majors Clayton Neuger and Ameleii Mangan delve into the trans-Atlantic slave trade in Gambia. The documentary was created during a service-learning trip to The Gambia.
  • Voices That Matter – Filmmaking major Malena Groves and Social Work majors Absa Samba and Mariama Jallow explore the role of women in the Gambian society through activists trying to make societal change. This documentary was also created during a service-learning trip to The Gambia.
  • Growing A Vision – Broadcast majors Scout Fischman and Kirsten Potts take a look at the philosophy of permaculture in Vermont.
  • House Concerts – Broadcast majors Olivia Lyons and Jenna Misra examine the unseen music scene of concerts that take place in Vermont homes.

  • Signal Flow – Broadcast majors Max Bell and PJ Marchesi explore how Vermont sound designers engage viewers in film, music, and television.