MLK Celebrated with “I Have a Dream” Rendition

On January 20, a group of students and faculty recited Martin Luther King Jr.’s powerful “I Have a Dream” speech in the Champlain Ballroom. Professor Jim Ellefson facilitated the speech, which was part of Champlain’s week of learning and engagement in celebration of MLK.

Ellefson said about 55 people participated in the speech. Everyone lined up and was given a copy of the speech and took turns reading a sentence in front of the microphone, then got back in line. The last paragraph was read in unison. Ellefson remarked that all the readers became what MLK intended—they became a part of the speech.

“Martin did what Gandhi was talking about,” Ellefson said. “He created the change…We should know about that. He did it—it’s possible. Everyone single one of us could do it too. He gave that legacy to everyone who takes the time to read the speech.”