Oppenheim’s Year-End VPR Commentary: The Gift

Faculty Photo by Nate-2CCM faculty Keith Oppenheim’s year-end VPR commentary, The Gift, speaks to the heart and souls of many during the holiday season as he recounts a touching event he had the honor of witnessing.

Oppenheim, who walks everywhere he goes in Burlington, recounts a stroll he took up to the University Mall in December.

“From downtown, it’s not the prettiest of strolls; I have to cross a number of highway on and off ramps. But I’m happy to get the exercise,” said Oppenheim. “Right near the highway interchange, I was making my way through the parking lot of a restaurant that’s been shut down, not a place where you’d expect to see something remarkable. But I did.”

To find out what Oppenheim witnessed, listen to his full commentary here.

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