Keith Oppenheim and Campaign Hysteria

Faculty Photo by Nate-2CCM faculty Keith Oppenheim provides commentary on the current presidential candidacy hysteria.

Oppenheim notes in his Vermont Public Radio commentary that candidate Donald Trump was “calling for mass deportations of undocumented immigrants” even before the mass shootings, attacks in Paris and San Bernadino, and the discovery of the power that ISIS harnessed to plot, recruit, and spread members throughout the world, and that Trump wanted to create a registry of the Muslims in America and shut down mosques.

“He rejected being politically correct, code for telling voters it’s OK to say pretty much whatever you want. For a while, Trump seemed like a reality TV star who’d fade quickly. But he’s been at the top of the polls for about 6 months now – and the first caucuses and primaries are just around the corner,” said Oppenheim.

While Trump doesn’t represent a majority of Americans, our system is set up in a way that only requires “a fraction of a fraction” of civilian and GOP support to get a candidate to nomination. Other candidates are calling for military intervention against ISIS and stronger gun control in America.

Read Oppenheim’s full commentary here.

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