Jim Ellefson’s Book Launch

On Nov. 1 a group of Champlain College faculty and students, along with members of the community, gathered around garlic bread and cider to hear Jim Ellefson read excerpts from his new book, Under the Influence: Shouting Out to Walt.

Musician Alex Smith kicked off the evening with music while the audience snacked on food fresh from Ellefson’s farm. Ellefson then joined in the music with his fiddle, and began reading poetry and prose from his book. The room was full, and the audience went from tears to laughter as Ellefson read a variety of poems and short fiction. The evening finished with book signing. Ellefson’s previous book of poetry, Foreign Tales of Exemplum and Woe, was available for purchase along with Under the Influence: Shouting Out to Walt and custom shirts with the cover image of the latter.