Immersive Retro Gaming Experience at Champlain Gallery

Until February 27, the Champlain College Art Gallery will display A Link to the Past: Decades of Digital Gaming. The immersive exhibit includes gaming consoles (some of which are playable) and other artifacts, spanning several decades and platforms.

The artifacts are from The Game Studio’s Game History Teaching Collection. The exhibit aims to confront issues surrounding preservation and access to digital game experiences of the past.

Assistant Professor of Game Design Jonathan Ferguson has worked for over 10 years to build the Game Library. He recently founded the Game History Teaching Collection Restoration Library, which aims to provide access to the Teaching Collection.

The Game History Teaching Collection has been built from the kind donations of many individuals over the years, including: Greg Bemis, Amanda Crispel, Yenni Desroches, Alexander Ferguson, Jonathan Ferguson, Bernadette & Don Howard, Doreen & Brian Howell, Robert Mayer, Kristy Meiring, Hugues Ross, Eric Shore, Matt Surprenant, Paul Webster-Pact, Elaine Young and many others.

Erika Skorstad ’21—Contributor