Game Studio Seniors Present Capstone Games

On November 25, game studio seniors presented the 23 capstone games that they’ve been working on for the past semester with their teams. A panel of game professors selected 8 games to move forward to next semester. Students who worked on the games that have been cut will join the teams that moved forward. Next semester, the 8 teams will present their polished games.

Here are the games:

Box Voyage, Blue Flamingo Soda Corp

“Box Voyage is a light puzzle game set in a cruise in a box that requires you, an overworked & undercompensated corporate employee, to complete puzzles to fill your fun meter and have an enjoyable, legally required vacation. In a box.”

Camera Shy, False Panda Studios

“Explore a new world [in virtual reality] while photographing hidden objects with your camera. Use lenses to alter your perception and discover objects invisible to the naked eye.”

Just Golf, Wired Visions

“Just Golf is a networked arena-shooter where players compete to have the lowest score. Armed with a weaponized putter, players can kill opponents to lower their stroke count, and putt their ball into the central flag to score. Players also use items to give themselves a quick advantage or to hinder their opponents.”

Cash Force, Holo Hexagon

“A 1970’s VR [virtual reality] first person shooter for groovy cats looking to blow things up in a new reality.”

Frog Bath, Lafterburn Studios

“Frog-versus-Frog ‘Capture-The-Soap’ platfrogger that offers an approachable, frog-like movement system…[players] control silly frogs obsessed with hygiene and want nothing more than their Frog King to be as clean as can be. In doing so, they end up competing against one another to give their Frog King the best and fastest bath possible.”

Guilded, Adjective Noun

“Guilded is a game about characters, groups, and their stories. You play as the leader of an Adventurers Guild, where you send adventurers on quests, accounting for how well they work together based on their skills, personalities, and relationships with one another.”

Monolithic, Fowl Machinations

“A head-to-head multiplayer strategy game about gods warring throughout the ages.”

Vacuum Vault, No, Scope

“An adventure game where you play as a treasure hunter whose equipped with a vacuum gun that can suck up resources, repair structures in the world, and terraform our geometric space sand to uncover hidden treasures. Your goal is to unlock the mysterious vault on this alien planet.”

Erika Skorstad ’21—Contributor