Game Studio Donates Retired Computers

The Game Studio at Champlain College donated ten (10) retired custom-built game development computer systems to Generator, a combination of artist studios, classrooms, and a business incubator located in the South End.

Generator Director Chris Thompson said the donated computers will substantially improve the computing capacity of the community maker lab and run the latest creative and engineering software to support Generator’s mission. Moreover, several of the donated systems will support Generator’s decision to create a new community-based virtual/augmented reality development studio focused on supporting early-stage entrepreneurs and artists in this rapidly expanding field. The donated computers, while just retired, remain powerful workstations in their own right, with state-of-the-art system requirements needed for the game development programs in The Game Studio at Champlain College.

Jonathan Ferguson, Assistant Professor of Game Design and Production in The Game Studio at Champlain College in the Division of Communication and Creative Media coordinated the donation. Ferguson notes that developing video games requires cutting-edge technology, including computer workstations capable of 3D modelling, animation, programming and design for real-time interactive experiences, such as virtual and augmented reality.

“The computer donation will also allow Generator to support Free (as in Freedom Preserving) Software, such as GNU/Linux, an effort in keeping with the spirit of the Free Software and Open Source movement linked to Maker Labs and Hackerspaces all over the world,” Ferguson explained.

The Game Studio at Champlain College teaches undergraduates how to make video games in a collaborative context. Learn more about the nationally recognized game development programs at and

For more information about Generator, membership, and programs, visit or call 802-540-0761.