Game Art Alumnus Writes Article for Gamasutra

34f3069Game Art alumnus, Auston Montville, recently published an article in Gamasutra, a major game publication, that discusses the approach he and his team took to the Point-and-Click Adventure, Starr Mazer.

Removing the Bottleneck: A Dynamic Event System for Starr Mazer discusses the toolset that Auston and his team created in order to allow the artist and writer to “implement content into the game without code getting in the way.” By using a component based event system for Unity 3D, Auston was able to develop an interface to game mechanics that wouldn’t require the artist or writer to learn a scripted language. A portion of Auston’s article also focuses on how event sequences are composed in the editor, how you would write new triggers and event, such as the event trigger click and event trigger mode, and incorporates example scenes.

“By breaking the game down into simple event sequences that each do individual tasks, we’re able to build a robust event system that allows anyone on the team to use a drag and drop UI to implement a vast array of content instead of requesting coding time,” explains Auston.

While a Gamer Art student at Champlain College, Auston served as a Game Lab Tutor where he provided instruction and feedback while helping students learn how to use game engines like Unity and Torque Game Engine Advance. He also worked as an environmental artist at Champlain’s Emergent Media Center (EMC) for Searchlight, an educational game about information literacy.

Auston has over four years of experience in developing and designing games. He specializes in the “implementation of mechanics and systems,” while still focusing on the moment-to-moment play experience. Auston served as the Creative Director on multiple small game projects where he worked with teams to create games under a “coherent creative vision.” He developed his skills in game engines, scripting languages, and art programs in order to make his designs concepts a reality. Auston has designed a few of his own games, including Bosses Forever, 4Player2, The Eve, and Requiem.

For anyone wishing to talk to Auston about games or for those who have questions about game development/games in general, he can be contacted through his website and LinkedIn page.