Emergent Media Center Celebrates 10th Anniversary


Emergent Media Center Director and Associate Dean Ann DeMarle speaks at the Champlain College Career Collaborative’s inaugural 2016 Fall Career Conference Monday morning.

Emergent Media Center Director Ann DeMarle speaks at the Champlain College Career Collaborative’Conference

Associate Dean Ann DeMarle, Director of the Champlain College Emergent Media Center (EMC) announces the launch of a year-long campaign celebrating the 10th anniversary of the EMC and its programs.

“We’ve done a lot in the past ten years. And we are celebrating this entire year – online and in person – collecting the wisdom of our community on the topics of high impact learning, career innovation, and future technologies,” says DeMarle.

Since 2006, the EMC has grown from six student employees and two staff members to employing approximately 125 student a year. Over 500 students and 38 faculty and staff members have collaborated on over 32 projects spanning five continents. The EMC employs students from across majors to create digital media ranging from mobile apps, serious games and game strategies, to large screen interactive experiences and virtual reality for businesses, non-profits and government agencies.

DeMarle notes student retention and graduation as a major factor in the EMC’s ability to make an impact. “We know we are successful as evidenced by the fact that 99% of our students continue through their Champlain graduation, when many other institutions are half that.” 
High graduation rates translate into high employment figures as the EMC boasts 95% job placement locally at industry sites such as Dealer.com, Burlington City Arts and Free Press Media, as well as internationally at Apple, Google, Microsoft, Ubisoft and TellTale Games.

“Our primary mission in teaching and learning is to ensure the success of our students to enter into creative technical career fields. We do this by providing practical experience and professional skills of technical proficiency, flexibility, inquiry, analysis, collaboration and creativity,” says DeMarle.

The EMC also reaches out to the Champlain College community and beyond through its MakerLab, a physical prototyping maker space with a host of devices from high-tech 3D printers to low-tech hand tools. Workshops and individual classes give students across campus the chance to explore and express their creativity. “Our young people today are also our explorers, our warriors, and our inventors. Instead of helicoptering, we provide mentoring and meaningful challenges. And it’s Champlain’s core mission that is helping them pave the way to our future.”

For more information about the tenth anniversary of Champlain College’s Emergent Media Center visit ten.emergetmediacenter.com or email emc@champlain.edu