Douglas Premieres “Of Gavin” at Penny Cluse

Jordan Douglas will be premiering a new photo exhibit this month, titled “Of Gavin” at the popular Penny Cluse Cafe in downtown Burlington. The photographs are an examination of his late brother’s life through the objects that defined their childhoods. Douglas teaches black and white photography in the Division of Communication and Creative Media.

After the sudden death of Douglas’s younger brother from a heart attack, Douglas was tasked with clearing out and sorting his brother’s belongings. Along the way, Douglas found many items from their childhood in New York during the 1970s and 80s.

From the exhibit “Of Gavin” by Jordan Douglas

These belongings inspired “Of Gavin”—an examination of his brother’s life through the filter of possessions. The exhibit consists of two bodies of work: One is an objective study of of objects against a white background, lith-printed in the darkroom. The other body of work looks at the Matchbox cards and trading cards that his brother collected.The prints were produced with hand-applied liquid emulsion on cotton watercolor paper and toned in sepia.

“Of Gavin” by Jordan Douglas will be part of the “What’s On The Walls”  display at Penny Cluse Cafe from Saturday, Feb. 2 to Friday, March 3.