Director of Emergent Media Speaks at Middlesex Community College


Ann DeMarle, Director of the Emergent Media Center and Associate Dean for Emergent Media, will give a Keynote address at the Middlesex Community College Technology Showcase 2015 on Friday, April 10.

DeMarle will discuss the application of game design thinking in education and business. In today’s economy, it is sometimes difficult to actively connect and engage with students, team members, or customers. How do we convert a member of the crowd into a member of a team? Ann’s question “articulates the dilemma for innovative institutions, organizations, and educators who need to grapple with the new challenge of harnessing ‘participation bandwidth.’”

The Keynote will “explore a perspective gained from the world of play.” DeMarle looks at how people can take cues from game designers, virtual world builders, and play experts in order to create strategies/experiences that will increase engagement and motivation for serious initiatives.

DeMarle’s Keynote will take place on the upper level of Middlesex Community College’s Chapman Hall from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. on April 10. Anyone wishing to attend can register for the showcase here.