Champlain Student Published by TeenVogue

Margot Nelson’s essay “Why Financial Literacy is So Important is a heartfelt and honest take on the issue of John Pelletier’s Center for Financial Literacy National Report Card. The essay links financial literacy and the CFL’s National Report Card to the women’s empowerment movement now on the rise.

Nelson, a Professional Writing major, class of 2020 and a Career Collaborative peer coach, was asked to write this essay in an attempt to reach a younger audience, young women in particular. Stephanie Kloss from the Marketing Department partnered with Pelletier, Steve Mease, and Bill Johnson to develop a strategy to help young people become a part of this discussion. Once Nelson wrote the article, they partnered with a PR specialist to pitch the Op-Ed to teen publications. The overwhelming first choice was TeenVogue. With a huge audience and groundbreaking political coverage, TeenVogue reaches millions of engaged readers online: 12 million monthly unique visitors, 6 million on Facebook, 3.5 million on Twitter, 2.2 million on Instagram, and a similar audience on SnapChat. TeenVogue ran the essay on April 9.

Meghan Haley, Assistant Vice President of Marketing, commented on the long term effects of Nelson’s publication. “As a next step we will be leveraging this piece to promote our innovative In+Sight program to prospective students and their parents throughout 2018 and beyond. We want to get the word out that no other college in the country, and possibly the world, offers as comprehensive a career and personal finance education as the one taught at Champlain. Margot’s Op-Ed is just the beginning of a dedicated campaign to raise awareness of this. Starting in May we will be launching a series of helpful financial and career tips for teens (some written by our students, including Margot) to get the word out about this amazing program.”