Champlain Students to be Featured on Vermont PBS “Made Here” Broadcast

The Division of Communication and Creative media is teaming up with Vermont PBS for another premiere of the “Champlain College Student Showcase” on Thursday, May 2 at 7 p.m. This broadcast will feature work from eight students in three majors: Broadcast Media Production, Communication, and Filmmaking. The student work covers several different areas—humor, narrative fiction, documentary, and short news features.

The broadcast was coordinated by Local Programming Manager of Vermont PBS Mary Albee and Associate Professor Van Dora Williams, program director of Broadcast Media Production, Filmmaking and Sonic Arts at Champlain College.

The following pieces will be shown:

Faux Pas – A unique perspective of how one stray dog finds his new owner. This short narrative film was
honored with the Best Short Film from the 2018 Student Production Award from the New
England National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Produced by Shelby Kleinhans and Connor Randolph

Will You Be My Friend?– This film follows a young man as he humorously searches for friendship. Produced by Mason Mashtree

Nova in the Sky– A heartwarming story of a young girl escaping the reality of her mother’s death by creating a
unique story about her mother’s job, with the help of her father. Produced by Montserrat Guerra-Solano

Trumped Tweets– A feature story about a game design major who created a game from the current political
rhetoric. Produced by Noah Matson

Torsion– A sweet story of a young man has 15 minutes to share his heart before his girlfriend walks out
and ends the relationship. Produced by Gabriel Rivas and Charles Kozlowski

Trickle– Maple season is featured prominently in this short film where one man struggles to collect
enough sap from the trees and struggles to make friends with his neighbors. Produced by Sam Burris

Wagging Tails– This documentary shares the story of one Vermont shelter journey of taking care of and finding homes for pets from hurricane-impacted states. Produced by Scarlett Clark

Gourd Artist– This feature story chronicles the work of an artist who uses gourds as the canvas. Produced by Connor Greene

Make sure to watch the Champlain College Student Showcase on PBS Thursday, May 2 at 7 p.m.

Jessica Schultz ’19—Contributor