Champlain Game Programs Featured in U.S. News Article

Champlain College game students and faculty were featured in a Burlington Free Press article that was picked up by U.S. News. The article, which was written by Nicole Higgins DeSmet and published on March 18, explains how many Champlain game major graduates find that they have to leave Vermont to find well-paying jobs related to their majors.

It featured several interviews with students, faculty and alumni, including Jennifer Carlin ’19, a Game Art and Animation major who is moving to California to work for Insomniac Games. “”This is the best place in the world. I’ve never been anywhere I like so much,” Carlin explained to the Free Press about Burlington. “If there was a sizable studio, I’d stay or come back.”

Several alumni, like Ryan Huggins ’16, the founder of Sundae Month, and Marguerite Dibble ’12, the CEO and founder of gametheory, have created game companies in Vermont, and are working to improve the tech and gaming job field in Burlington. Vermont’s laws about independent contractors, the article explained, can be complicated—and many tech startups utilize freelance short-term employees.

It is the hopes of Champlain students, faculty and alumni that Vermont grows into a hub of technology and will work to keep its graduates local. Photographs from the article can be found here.

Jessica Schultz ’19—Contributor