Champlain Gallery Showcases Student Work

Earlier this month, the 4th annual Juried Student Art Show took place in the CCM Gallery curated by Dana Heffern, Art Gallery Director. The show featured works in video, audio, 3-D model, photography, sculpture, graphic design, digital and manual painting, drawing, and illustration from students of many different majors. This year, there were 175 entries and the 2019 Jury chose 56 for the show, which ran until April 9.

Jessica Farnsworth ’19, a Graphic Design & Digital Media major, took home the Provost’s Choice award for her work “Falling Out of Love.” “Being in the show was really exciting, besides capstone it was my first time having my work shown in the gallery,” she explained. “It was really exciting to be chosen by the Provost. I’ve never really had my design work recognized by anyone before.”

Sophia Penna ’19, also a Graphic Design & Digital Media major, took home the Juried Choice Award for Graphic Design for her book “NASTY.”

“The Juried Student Art Show is something I look forward to every year. Dana and her crew do an amazing job setting it up,” Penna remarked. “It’s a great opportunity to see everyone’s art, regardless of major.”

The Dean’s Choice, President’s Choice and Provost’s Choice:

Dean Paula Willoquet-Maricondi’s choice: Kirsten Potts, Broadcast Media Production major: “The Lone Tree, Wanaka NZ” from the Photography category

President Don Laackman’s choice: Connor Kloster, Creative Media major, “Media Pathogen” from the video category.

Provost Laurie Quinn’s choice: Jessica Farnsworth, Graphic Design & Digital Media major, “Falling Out of Love” from the graphic design category

The Juried Choice Awards:

Best in Video: Connor Kloster, Creative Media major, “Media Pathogen.”

Best in Audio: Jameson Hunt, Creative Media major, “Flamingo Parade.”

Best in Graphic Design: Sophia Penna, Graphic Design & Digital Media major, “NASTY.”

Best in 3-D/Sculpture: Leanna Russell, Game Art and Animation major, “Fantasy Scene.”

Best in Painting/Illustration: Amila Nuhodzic, Game Art and Animation major, “Love Thy Neighbor.”

Best in Photography: Katie Lawrence, Filmmaking major, tryptic: “I See Ours Coming!”, “Fresh Papers Served Daily”, “Czech In.”

Jessica Schultz ’19—Contributor