Champlain Filmmakers Win Audience Choice Award

sleepless in Burlington 2015A team of Filmmaking seniors participated in Sleepless in Burlington, a 40-hour filmmaking competition by the Vermont International Film Festival, where they won the audience choice award for their short film, Sous-Titres (Subtitles).

Under the direction of CCM instructors Julia Swift and Michael Fisher, filmmaking students Jacqueline Carroll, Emilio Fornatora, Sean Goodwin, Alec Kozlowski, Curran McKee, Joseph Palumbo, and Tyler Killer competed to produce a short film working with prompts and two actors. On the Friday night of the competition they wrote the script, shot the film on Saturday, and edited Saturday night into the wee hours of Sunday morning. In addition, Killer created the music for the film. Their final product entitled, Sous-Titres (Subtitles) was screened Sunday afternoon, winning the audience choice award.

Soust-Titres will be screened on November 21 at 3:00 pm at the Hotel Vermont as part of a showcase of award-winning VTIFF 2015 Shorts.

The CCM Division would like to congratulate the team of students and faculty on their achievement at the 30th Vermont International Film Festival.