Screenshot from Champ Chat of Maya Gastman and Logan Chalmers

Champ Chat: The News Show by Students, for Students

Broadcast Media Production students in the Division of Communication and Creative Media produced a half-hour news and talk show, Champ Chat, and broadcasted live from Champlain’s production studio on October 30. Champ Chat touts itself as “the news show presented by Champlain students, for Champlain students.”

The show included five pre-recorded segments and two live guests. Here is a list of the students involved:

  • Luke Marcheski – Director
  • Lindsay Mulligan – Technical Director
  • Maya Gastman – Anchor
  • Logan Chalmers – Anchor
  • Mike Safee – Host
  • Emily Brewer – Host
  • Nate Schramm – Cameras, Teleprompter
  • Scott Capozolli – Audio
  • Olivia Tyner – Studio guest
  • Zach Condon – Studio guest
Zach Condon performing

Mike Safee, Hannah Wright, Maya Gastman, Emily Brewer and Scott Capozolli presented featured segments. Guest Olivia Tyner showed off Halloween costumes and jewelry she created. Singer-songwriter Zach Condon performed live.

Dr. Van Dora Williams, Director of the Broadcast Media Production program provided technical support and Broadcast Media Production Professor Keith Oppenheim produced the show.  

Olivia Tyner showing off a homemade costume

Erika Skorstad ’21—Contributor