Center for Publishing Ready for a New Year

Center for Publishing Staff 2017-18, back row: Lenny Farrell, Zach Paulsen, Jack Barry, Gabby Sutherland, Dylan Patterson, Charlotte Williams, Shayna Take, Lara Gentchos. Front row: Tyler Bedard, Reda Limantis, Sara Martin, Kiera Hufford, Maina Chen, Grace Safford, Kim MacQueen. Photo by Cheryl Casey.

The former Champlain College Publishing Initiative (CCPI), the publishing program on campus staffed by both faculty and students, underwent a re-branding this summer. With a new name and focus, it is now ready to kick-start the year’s multiple projects.

The newly named Center for Publishing (CFP) is focused on fostering students’ relationships with the literary industry. Managing Editor, Kim MacQueen, has developed CFP into an opportunity for students to gain experience through publishing projects and live events. She even remarked about some new digital initiatives currently in development for this semester.

As for the name change? MacQueen said that Center for Publishing aligned more with the current Communications and Creative Media Centers of Excellence than CCPI did, and would help “communicate the center’s true mission to our campus and community.”

Nicole Glidden – ‘19