CCM Student Design Chosen for Snapchat Geofilter

Written by Shannon Turgeon ’17

unnamedMost students in the area who use the popular picture messaging app Snapchat have probably seen the new geofilter design that was created specifically for Burlington, Vt. The filter, which can be accessed by swiping right after taking a picture, features green and white mountains in the left hand corner of the screen with the words “BTV.” However, what many people don’t know is that the geofilter was designed by Daniel Salerno, who is a senior Graphic Design and Digital Media student at Champlain College.

Salerno first heard about being able to submit Geofilters over the summer at his previous job. He created a geofilter for his hometown and although it wasn’t selected, he was motivated to continue trying and decided to design one for Burlington. He was inspired by the mountains surrounding Burlington and included his own personal style into the filter by including triangles, which he incorporates into many of his designs.

When Salerno first opened the email from Snapchat informing him that his design had been chosen, he “freaked out.” “It feels like this isn’t real,” he said in an interview at Perry Hall, where he also works as a student ambassador. The geofilter went live on Sept. 8, and Salerno immediately received a positive reaction. He was greeted with dozens of Snapchats from his friends in the Burlington area complimenting him on his accomplishment.

Salerno, who used Adobe Illustrator to create his geofilter, said that his classes at Champlain helped to prepare him for this experience because they allowed him to “know how to work the programs, know what looks good, and know what everyone would like.”

For his next project, Salerno will be designing another geofilter that is close to home: one specifically for Champlain College. “I’ve been talking to people and getting ideas. I’m very excited,” he said.

Champlain students should keep an eye out for the new Champlain geofilter over the next few months. Anyone who is interested in submitting their own geofilter for Burlington or their hometown can do so on the Snapchat website.

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