CCM Faculty Publishes Chapter in Pop Culture Collection

Cheryl Casey, Assistant Professor of Media Communication, has published a chapter in the edited collection, Baby Boomers and Popular Culture: An Inquiry into America’s Most Powerful Generation (2015, Praeger).

9780313398865Casey’s essay, entitled “Let the Games Begin: Baby Boomers, Capitalist Ideology, and the Containment of Gender in Sports Television,” links the emergence of the sports/media complex to the reinforcement of capitalism and traditional notions of gender.

Baby boomers were crucial, both as producers and as consumers of sports television, in bringing professional athletics to the forefront of popular culture. The resulting gender inequality in television sports remains widespread and belies the revolutionary inclinations that initially defined baby boomers during the 1960s.

Baby Boomers and Popular Culture covers the topic areas of politics, television and film, popular music, and literature to explore how a generation of such size, born into a particular moment in history, has come to embody the contradictory impulses of revolution and conservatism.