CCM Faculty Engage with Saint John’s Bible

JesusWithMaryAndMarthaIn the coming months,  CCM faculty will  be incorporating the Heritage Edition of the Saint John’s Bible into their classrooms and hosting workshops for the Champlain College community. These workshops are part of a series of events designed to offer different perspectives about the Saint John’s Bible and its place as a work of art, a religious text, a mediator of symbolic power and a representation of human culture.

The Saint John’s Bible is the first hand-written and hand-illuminated Bible to be commissioned by a Benedictine monastery since the invention of the printing press. The Heritage Edition is a full-size, fine art reproduction of the seven-volume Saint John’s Bible. Champlain College is hosting the volume containing Gospels and Acts .

SowerAndTheSeedToni-Lee Sangastiano, Associate Professor of Graphic Design, will host a Calligraphy Basics Workshop on Wednesday, February 11. Sangastiano will be teaching the basics of calligraphy, inspired by the hand-written Saint John’s Bible, the history of illuminated manuscripts, and the evolution of written language. Participants will be able to explore a selection of calligraphic scripts during this hands-on workshop.

Cheryl Casey, Assisstant Professor of Communication, will explore the ways in which the history of the book is the history of power, especially the power “to shape collective perceptions of the world through signs and symbols.” On Wednesday, March 18, Casey will lead participants into an exploration and decoding of the Saint John’s Bible as an example of how “media texts function as symbolic representations of the shared or dominant values, prejudices, assumptions, and beliefs of a culture.”

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