CCM Alumnus Creates Work for Climate Summit

CCM Alumnus Raymond McCarthy Bergeron crafts motion graphics, animated backgrounds, and opening video for the Local Leaders Climate Summit in Paris, France.

IMG_8017The conference, held at Paris City Hall, is “the largest global convening of mayors, governors, and local leaders focused on climate change.” The event coincided with the 21st Conference of Parties in Paris and resulted in a legally binding agreement between all global cities, enabling them to effectively combat climate change.

Working in Live Events, McCarthy Bergeron has to be “savvy and quick.” Things can change on a dime; suddenly, McCarthy Bergeron and the team found themselves developing 40 backgrounds, only 20 of which made it to screen, in addition to all the other projects they had been scheduled to do. They had the task of requesting photos of all 300 mayors that were present at the event and creating a looping animation that displayed the photos to be aesthetically pleasing.

IMG_8255“Crafting a live experience for onsite events like this requires a lot of rehearsal time, including a lot – and I mean a lot – of content reviews for the work I do.  A group of us were scheduled to show up a week in advance to work and prep, allowing me only 8.5 hours of sleep over the five days I was onsite for the conference,” said McCarthy Bergeron. “There’s a lot of middlemen behind the scenes, constantly reviewing my content creation before it hits the screen, which means you have to embrace feedback and critique while crafting a vital, quality experience that the client wants their audience to experience.”


McCarthy Bergeron also released his latest film online: “re÷belief.” The short-film is an experimental animation using 3D printing to create sculptures that spin, revealing the animation. It poses the question: can recalling memories break a cycle?

McCarthy Bergeron has a BS in Multimedia and Graphic Design (2004) and a BS in Computer Information Systems (2007) from Champlain College, and an MFA in Film and Animation (2014) from Rochester Institute of Technology.
He is currently a Senior Motions Graphic Designer at VIVA Creative.

Photos courtesy of Raymond McCarthy Bergeron.