New Student Advisory Group Helps to Guide CCM Division

Dean Paula Willoquet-Maricondi of the Division of Communication and Creative Media (CCM) meets three times a semester with students from across the division who form the CCM Student Advisory Group. The 20-member group was formed last year in order to create opportunities for students to become more involved in their division in a variety of ways. 

Dean Wiloquet-Maricondi said that she often doesn’t get a lot of contact with students, but the advisory group gives her an opportunity to engage in direct conversation. Though she comes with questions and ideas to share, the meetings have no agenda and students are able to lead the conversation, share their thoughts, ask questions, make suggestions, and learn about opportunities to get involved in division events. Dean Wiloquet-Maricondi says the advisory board meetings give her an “ongoing connection” which is beneficial to all.

Yvonne Lee, one of the members of the CCM Student Advisory Group, said she has seen change happen because of these meetings. Last year, student Megan Hoins submitted a proposal to add a new minor to the Professional Writing Program, and faculty and staff are reviewing her proposal for possible implemention. Lee also stated that students were grateful to be able to share their views with Dean Willoquet-Maricondi, since they don’t always get an opportunity to talk about their experiences and that this is a great way to get their voices heard.