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Van Dora Williams Presents on The Black Press

Associate Professor Dr. Van Dora Williams (program director for Broadcast Media Production, Filmmaking, and Sonic Arts at Champlain College) was an invited panelist at the 13th Annual Black New England Conference. The conference, “Black Ink: African American News from Slave Songs to Social Media” was held October 25-26 at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, New Hampshire. Continue reading

Rumble Strip Vermont Features Champlain Student Emily Kueppers

As part of her internship with the award winning podcast Rumble Strip Vermont, Creative Media (CREM) senior Emily Kueppers composed all the music for the episode entitled “Driving around with Susan. Again.” Rumble Strip calls itself “good conversation that takes its time.” In the podcast, host Erica Heilman collects vivid stories from a variety of people, trying […]

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photo credit: Yvonne Lee ’18

“Explosion at the Crossroads” is a kick-off concert to the school year that is just as exciting as it sounds at Champlain College.

Michael Dyke, lecturer at the Jamaican School of Music, and family members Judi Emanuel Dyke and Laura Emanuel Dyke, will be performing Jamaican music hosted by Eric Sample, associate professor of Sonic Arts in the Division of Communication and Creative Media.

Three sessions will examine the rhythm and sound of Jamaican music as well as its context. The first, “Explosion at the Crossroads,” will take place on Sept. 22 at 2 p.m. followed by a discussion on the popularization of “Oh Carolina” and how it pioneered Jamaican amplified music.

The second, “Feel it in the One Drop,” will take place at 8 p.m. on Oct. 20 and the third, “Revival Fire,” will be on Nov. 17 at 2 p.m.

photo credit: Yvonne Lee ’18

Each session is a combination of concert, discussion, and presentation, and will explore the history and culture behind the music. The Champlain College Sonic Arts Studio Crew will be providing technical and recording assistance for the three shows.

Sample says that this performance will be great for students because it “puts into living color what I teach in class.” It is a very exciting opportunity for students and musicians alike to participate in a one-of-a-kind event right on campus.

Cailey McCalister ’18 & Johnny Tyner ’18

photo credit: Yvonne Lee ’18



On Thursday, Sept. 7, the Solid State Logic Truck made a stop on campus, and parked near the library to provide a chance for students to check out the truck and the equipment. The truck has two demo systems as well as an array of the highest broadcasting technology. It is described as “a professional, comfortable listening environment” on the Solid State Logic website.

Thanks to Sonic Arts Associate Professor Eric Sample, who helped coordinate the event, Champlain students were able to board the truck and learn about the technology and the recording capabilities of Solid State Logic. Though only five people may enter the truck at a time, it boasts computers outside in order to provide entertainment and education to a larger group at a time. This was a perfect opportunity for Broadcasting students, and others, to experience this state of the art technology and to learn more about the process of recording in a unique setting.

Cailey McCalister ’18

screenshot_6Evil People Produced in CCM Division Sound Studios

John Schmidt isn’t your average Champlain College senior. In between studying and going to class, you can find him in downtown Burlington, Vermont, at Side Bar competing in the local Battle of the Bands, or in the Champlain College sound studio recording music he has written. With the help of his friends and fellow Champlain classmates Ryan Shelley and Jackson Rowe, Schmidt has finished Evil People, his first debut album and is currently working on his second. Shelley and Rowe both have audio production and sonic arts backgrounds, and with their help, Schmidt has made an impressive presence in the local music scene around Burlington. You can listen to their music on Soundcloud on their band’s page, Evil People. Also, every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. they play at The Grind, which is Champlain College’s open mic night. – contributor, Elizabeth Fay ‘17