Broadcast Media Students Attend Live Gubernatorial Debate

Some Broadcast Media Production students and their professors were invited to attend the Vermont Governor’s Debate between Christine Hallquist and Phil Scott that took place in the studios at Vermont Public Radio and Vermont PBS on Oct. 24.
In attendance were professors Keith Oppenheim and Van Dora Williams with students Maya Gastman, Kyra Fillmore, Luke Marcheski, Kate Heppner, Ian Noyes and Olivia Lyons.   Alex Sabatell, another broadcast media major, was also there as part of his internship at VPBS.
Oppenheim noted that, “It was a really good thing for us to go to.  The debate itself had a nice format, because the candidates got to ask each other questions – so the exchanges were lively, but not argumentative.”
The students also had the opportunity to chat with the candidates afterward.
The debate was simulcast on VPR and Public TV, a sign of new cooperation between the organizations – and after the debate, the students got to check out the live truck for VPBS where the show was directed.