Ann DeMarle’s Pixel Exhibit at Champlain Gallery

The Champlain College Art Gallery is currently exhibiting Pixel by Ann DeMarle, MFA and Professor Emerita. Pixel is a collection of DeMarle’s oil paintings and virtual paintings from the last 20 years, focusing on her most recent work, a collection of 6-inch square oil paintings.

While gallery director Dana Heffren suggested the name Pixel, DeMarle says it resonated with her, as she’s been working with pixels since college. Also, pixels are small components of something bigger, which she feels is true about her work as well. Her other, larger pieces consist of individual canvases in a modular formation.

“When I started putting panels together,” DeMarle says, “I recognized how fragmented we are as individuals and societies, in terms of our natural environment.”

Many of DeMarle’s paintings focus on nature. “Life is rich and full. To me, nature is very important as well. We’re so busy in our lives, we don’t stop and take a moment to see the natural world around us.”

Before retiring, DeMarle spent a lot of time in airports for her job, where she felt an overall disconnect from the natural world, as well as a disconnect from human beings. Nowadays, DeMarle has more free time, which she often spends on nature walks, taking photos and reflecting.

Her 6-inch square canvases focus on intricate moments, like the sun peeking through the branches of a tree. DeMarle says that although you wouldn’t know from looking at them, two of her paintings were inspired by the same picture, but were painted at different times. DeMarle feels that her paintings reflect her own change and growth.

Pixel can be seen until February 1st. Learn more about Ann DeMarle at her blog.

Erika Skorstad ’21—Contributor