Advanced Poetry Students Get Published

As part of the Advanced Poetry Workshop class, students are encouraged to submit their poetry to thirty literary magazines throughout the semester. The assignment helps familiarize students with online submission forms as well as with the process of finding and submitting to literary magazines. As a result of these submissions, several Champlain students have been accepted for publication in literary magazines on a national and international level. Congratulations to the students who have been published, as well as the literary magazine in which their work is forthcoming.

Maggie DeCapua, ’18: The Broke Bohemian, a megaphone for the masses, and The Ladybird Ledger, Vermont’s only free femme Alt Comics newspaper. DeCapua also self-published a complete book of poems, a fear of the dark.
Kiera Hufford, ’18: Spire Light, a journal of creative expression run by Andrew College in Georgia.
Cailey McCalister, ’18: Cecile’s Writers, a literary magazine in the Netherlands publishing intercultural authors, and the Submittable Centric Poetry Contest.
C. Daniel Bush, ’19: Foliate Oak, based in Arkansas.
Megan Hoins, ’19: Furrow Magazine, an Undergraduate Literary Journal from UW-Milwaukee.