80 Level Recognizes Student Work

“Venetian Canal” by Sean Napolitano

Champlain College students Sean Napolitano and Michael Andrews were featured in 80 Level. Both are juniors in the Game Art & Animation program and were excited to see their work published. The students created their art assets while studying abroad at Champlain’s Montreal Campus during their junior year. Napolitano stated that the experience was “surreal.” Andrews admitted that his first reaction was nervousness, though he felt honored and excited to know so many eyes would be looking at his work.

80 Level calls itself the “best source of valuable information about the gaming industry and its recent trends,” and students use it as part of their education. For these students to see their work and their interviews published in a source they’ve been learning from was exciting and “different, in a good way.”

“Victorian Scene” by Michael Andrews

Andrews also stated: “The interview has also been really helpful in getting publicity for myself; I have been contacted by in industry individuals because of it. I never thought of myself as someone whose work would get featured on a site like 80 Level. Once I got into writing the actual interview questions, it was a little easier because I could rely on my experience from Champlain. I really have to thank Champlain and the professors in the Game Studio, they are all amazing and knowledgeable mentors, and they are great resources.”

Sean Napolitano

Michael Andrews








Click here to see Napolitano’s work, and here for Andrews’.

Cailey McCalister ’18