2020 Game Studio Senior Show

Congratulations to the 119 talented Game Studio Seniors on an outstanding 2020 Game Studio Senior Show, streamed live on May 8, 2020 to nearly 900 viewers! Your games are engaging, dynamic, beautifully crafted, challenging and, of course, super fun! Check them out and get ready to play!

Eira: Echoes of Adventure

Eira always felt destined for greatness. Grandchild to the greatest treasure hunter in the clan, Eira grew up as a star apprentice. But when out on a dangerous intergalactic hunt for a renowned vault, Eira’s grandfather never returned.

Box Voyage

It’s the end of a 12-hour shift, and you’ve been staring at a computer screen, typing away report after report, when your manager calls you and the rest of the people on your floor down to the assembly room. They claim that they know it’s the end of the financial year, but you couldn’t care less because you just want to go home. However, they remind you that the government mandates a paid vacation each year, and you start to perk up a little bit.

Camera Shy

Explore new worlds on a hunt for a variety of different objects within these wondrous spaces: physically walk through a witch’s hut to discover magical secrets contained in oddly shaped glass bottles or wander into a colorful kitchen to uncover what’s cooking in the belly of the oven. Use your camera to take photos, check the objects off your corkboard list, and add them to your photobook. Looking through your camera unlocks a whole new world of hidden potential and experiences that can be seen through different lenses: The fairy lens unveils a magical plane where different creatures thrive, while the tool lens reveals hidden objects and lets you interact with them after taking their photo.

Cash Force

Cash Force is a high-octane VR shooter about a cop gone rogue and determined to take down a rival crime syndicate in a colorful 1970s-inspired setting. Lock, load, and let loose using a flashy arsenal of manually operated weapons as you blast through enemies in hot pursuit from the back of your getaway van. Carefully plan your route and loadout! 

Frog Bath

Frog Bath is an action capture-the-flag platformer with an emphasis on fun and flexible froggy movement. Players take control of cute, silly frogs inside of a kingdom obsessed with bathing. In this kingdom, it is every young frog’s dream to have a chance to bathe their Frog King, to the point where it has become a competition.


You are the new Guildmaster of an adventuring guild, and you have ambitions. You will assemble a team of the greatest adventurers to ever live, whose accomplishments will go down in history, and whose feats will be talked of for generations. They will bring glory and fame to your establishment, and then, while on the most innocuous of quests, your legendary adventurer team will get into a heated argument about the ethics of necromancy.

Just Golf

Just Golf is a networked sports-action game where players utilize golf to score points and disrupt opponents. Armed with three clubs and an assortment of weaponized golf balls, players compete in a chaotic 2v2 setting. The team that makes the most holes is crowned champion of this combative variation of golf.


A new world dawns and the gods fight for sovereignty over the land and its inhabitants. In Monolithic, you guide a pantheon of gods, and humanity itself, through time, from the dawn of creation to the fires of the apocalypse. Raise your civilization from the sand, build your forces, and grow your influence over humanity.